Vineman 70.3: T-10 days!


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Time flies. My broken foot now feels like a thing of the past – I’ve been cleared from physical therapy, and as of last week, I’m back to a regular training load. With the exception of a respiratory infection that slowed me down recently, my recovery has been extremely smooth, knock on wood. I’ve been consistently logging 8-10 hour training weeks, with a nice distribution of swimming, cycling and now running:

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With Vineman quickly approaching (July 12th!), I’ve elected to go with a short 10 day taper starting today. I’ve been pushing harder on the bike than I ever have in the past, and feel confident that maintaining fitness and intensity up until the race is the right approach this year.

I've seen a lot of this recently

I’ve seen a lot of this recently

About to embark on my first double digit run in 4+ months!

About to embark on my first double digit run in 4+ months!

Last week marked another major milestone –  I logged my first double digit run (10 miles) 4 months after breaking my foot, and clocked 27 miles for the week on a mixture of trail and road; onward and upward!

Back on the trails!

Back on the trails!

I’ve been logging multiple workouts per day for a better part of the last month, and am confident that I’m in store for a strong showing at Vineman 70.3 despite my running fitness. After the long road back, simply showing up to the starting line knowing that there’s a possibility of setting a new PR is a huge win. Beyond that, I’m not going to focus on granular time goals for any of the legs – I peaked for Vineman last year following a strong training cycle, and expectations need to be adjusted accordingly.


I’m on the clock!

Looking ahead, my recent runs have been very promising, and I’m starting to get my speed back. I added a Berlin Marathon countdown widget to my Garmin home screen, and it’ll serve as a great reminder every time I’m mustering up the energy to push through a tough workout.

Splits from a solid progression effort yesterday

Splits from a solid progression effort yesterday

Taylor and I are heading up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate the 4th with some friends tomorrow, and we’re planning on spending a lot of time swimming and running – cycling isn’t the safest with holiday traffic on the roads. I hope everyone has a great long weekend; enjoy the 4th!


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